Situations are likely to bring out your inner feelings, your true nature. If someone crosses or confronts you will neither take it lying down, nor be inclined to forget and forgive. Maintain your composure and don't allow anyone to hassle or provoke you. Later, you will get out of this mood and remain cheerful and lively for the rest of the day.

Daily Horoscope March 27, for 12 Zodiac Signs

There is a possibility that your peers may pass on their workload to you, predicts Ganesha. This extra responsibility is hardly fun and you will start feeling the pinch by afternoon.

Evening, however, will be different. And why not? After all, you will be pampered by your partner's attention. Today you will be forced to make quick decisions, foretells Ganesha. At workplace, you will probably refuse to yield to any kind of pressure. You will ace every test that your boss will throw at you.

Your quest for fame will restart in the evening, says Ganesha. Two things define you: your earnestness and authenticity. And today, Ganesha has a feeling that both shall hit their highest point. You may face tiny troubles while at work, which may take mammoth proportions due to your staunch outlook.

If you are an entrepreneur, you may end up rotating money gathered from different sources. But all said, Ganesha believes that you shall get your due recognition for your abilities and efforts. The thinking cap is on your head, and a passionate pulse runs through you today. Expect a laid-back, cavalier attitude to grip you in the afternoon.

Government officials will have an inspiringly assenting day. Your professionalism will shine through today. Life is a stage, and we are all characters in the play, so better put up a good show! Pay close attention to the image and emotions that you depict today, as you spruce up your outward show, says Ganesha. Work-wise, you will be on to something new — a new business tactic perhaps — to help you succeed.

For those on the lookout for employment, the day promises to be lined up with interviews. Social circles will be buzzing with your name and reputation today. At work, you may evoke jealousy in some people, and Ganesha advises you to be extremely cautious. Remember to vanquish the enmity and not your enemies, says Ganesha.

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The day has to offer a mixture of activities. Your attention is diverted towards your kith and kins today. You are an important member of the family and your opinion matters to them. For some of you, evening is full of romantic conversations with your beloved. Some people may not come across as very bright intellectually, but given them a chance to speak and they could leave their audience speechless.

Your energy is grounded and strong, so it's easy to put in long hours, if need be, as you push toward a particular goal. If others are relying on you now, you'll come through for them. This could be a very good day for your career, because people notice when you go that extra mile for them.

This is one of those days when you're aware that you need to apply yourself to work or save your hard-earned money, but you just don't feel like it. You don't like being limited by external forces, especially ones that seem so worldly. But financial security and job security are both important parts of your life. Focus on fortifying these areas today, even if that seems tedious. You could slip into a pessimistic attitude about your career today.

Sometimes it feels as if you're going nowhere, or that you aren't climbing the ladder as quickly as you want. This probably isn't an accurate reflection of reality, but it's always a good idea to look objectively at these matters and make sure you're still on the right track.

Be sure to consider all the costs and benefits. Life gets a little serious today. Everyone around you is feeling the economic pinch, or perhaps they're focused on some other aspect of restricting their resources. You're really noticing this shift, since you're usually all about warmth, generosity and giving. But there's a time and a place for everything, and right now, it's time for prudent living. Get on board, Leo.

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You'll feel better once you've handled these things. You're a hard worker, and you should feel good about that today. It doesn't hurt that other people, such as your colleagues or clients, can see how efficiently you work and how diligently you apply yourself to your task list. It's okay to indulge in a little self-pride today, Virgo. Pat yourself on the back, or even treat yourself to a nice -- but modest -- reward. Then get back down to business.

You're often concerned with how others perceive you, and today that concern swells to actual worry. Perhaps you're anxious about your performance at work, or whether you'll get that raise or promotion you've been wanting. Try not to overspend on clothes or accessories in a bid to make yourself look more professional or appealing to others. It's good to dress to impress, but remember that your tact and intelligence speak volumes, as well.

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Be shrewd with your money today, and with your time. You're even more focused than usual now, and also more aware of the need for security and prudence. Wild splurges on items you don't need aren't a good idea at the present, but you're too practical for that, anyway. You're interested in ways to conserve funds, not to squander them.

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You will expend energy only on a sure bet. Your usual way of doing things involves a mixture of brash daring and impulsive leaps of faith. But today it's best to focus on making solid plans for the future. Your career path could use some attention, so think about where you want to be in one year, or five. What do you need to get there?