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Whether you're a passionate Scorpio, a loyal Leo, or an empathetic Pisces 9. Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) Number of billionaires:

Challenges of a Tiger-Snake love match The chief source of incompatibility between the Tiger and Snake lies in radically different ways of viewing the world. The Tiger wishes to be involved in large projects and intellectual activities. The need to do something different and extraordinary is an over-riding motivation with the Tiger and is part of the reason why so many visionaries, reformers and leaders seem to be born in the Year of the Tiger.

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The Snake on the other hand has a strong instinct for self-interest which ranges much further than self-preservation. While the Tiger has a genuinely altruistic nature and honestly believes in employing the gifts of knowledge and thought in ways that can be best used for humanity, the Snake on the other hand is not above using their skills and intuitive powers for personal ends and even to destroy those they consider their opponents.

Wheel of Zodiac Compatibility

Emotional manipulation of others is abhorrent to the high-minded Tiger and nothing will put them off more easily than evidence of mean-mindedness or petty behavior in a fellow human; indeed they often reveal a weakness for the underdog and will continue to support a person or cause on which others have long given up — something that the Snake sees no point in doing. What such widely diverging approaches to life means for the Tiger and Snake couple is that they have very different expectations from love. Despite appearing calm and collected on the outside, the Snake brings much more intensity to a relationship and can even get possessive about a partner.

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  5. On the other hand the Tiger is primarily looking for an intellectual companion in life — someone to discuss their high-flying thoughts and ideas with as well as to accompany them on new, interesting experiences in life. Due to such widely diverging expectations in love, Tiger and Snake partner are extremely likely to fall out after the effects of the initial attraction are over.

    Also the Tiger cannot be tied down to conventional notions of love and commitment and are even less ready to give up their personal freedom, something which the Snake may not be able to understand or accept and may end up perceiving as an inability to commit on the part of the Tiger. Xi Symbol. Chinese astrology can be used to contemplate current or future romantic prospects including whether or not a love interest will lead to a happy marriage. In fact, Astrology for marriage by date of birth is a very big part of oriental culture.

    Understanding which Chinese sign is most compatible with your own is a helpful tool even in the world of technology dating sites and compatibility test. Indeed, modern technology makes the production of a Chinese zodiac compatibility calculator for marriage all the more straightforward.

    A Guide To Chinese Astrology Marriage Matching

    The concepts behind Chinese astrology are designed differently to western astrology, which relies on the months of the year. Chinese astrology works with a lunar cycle consisting of 12 years. Your Chinese sign is then calculated from your birth year. For example, similar to the Monkey animal itself, humans born under the influence of the Monkey are curious, playful, and clever. Getting hold of a Chinese astrology chart is easy online. Rumour has it that 12 animals were selected from the Chinese Zodiac by Buddha. Near his death, he requested that all animals come to him; however, only 12 arrived.

    Chinese Horoscope - Year of the Earth Pig -

    These 12 animals, the monkey, pig, snake, ox, dragon, horse, rat, rooster, goat, dog, rabbit and tiger were honoured, by Buddha himself, to represent the 12 Chinese astrology signs. Like Vedic, Celtic, and Western astrology, the subject of compatibility is always a hot topic. The position of the 12 animal signs in regards to each other works in the form of a clock, which quantifies the level of compatibility of each sign with the other.

    For instance, animal signs four years apart from one another are considered compatible, but those that are six years apart are not. Someone to spend the rest of their lives with and the more information acquired beforehand, the better! The Chinese believe each animal sign is most compatible with signs that are four and eight years apart, and least compatible with the sign that is three, six, and nine years apart.

    Based on this concept, a circle can be drawn with all signs, locating the Triangle of Affinity and the Circle of Conflict. Find out which animal signs are compatible and least compatible with yours. As you can see the zodiac compatibility picture above, the differences of ages in four, eight and twelve years apart put themselves into a Triangle of Affinity.

    A Dating Advice for the Long Lasting Relationship

    Signs that form a triangle as shown in the zodiac compatibility make the best and most enduring unions. The first triangle see the blue triangle is made up of the positive doers: the Rat, Monkey and Dragon.

    These three are the performance and progress-oriented signs. They are adept at handling matters with innovation and initiative. Short-tempered and restless when hindered or unoccupied, these three signs are ruled by ambition and dynamic energy. Self-starters, they will initiate action, clear their paths of hesitation and uncertainty and forge fearlessly ahead. They are the melting pot for ideas.

    Love Compatibility Test - Chinese Horoscope Love Match

    These three signs team up beautifully. The second triangle see the red triangle consists of the most steadfast and purposeful signs: the Snake, Rooster and Ox. Dutiful and dedicated fighters, these three strive to achieve great heights and conquered by their unfailing determination and constancy. They are the most intellectual signs of the cycle.