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Whether you're a passionate Scorpio, a loyal Leo, or an empathetic Pisces 9. Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) Number of billionaires:

With the Sun in your busy work sector until 22nd December, Jupiter gone by 3rd December but Mercury here from 9th December to 29th December, this is a huge month for work and job matters. Jupiter has spent 13 months getting you to the point where anything that you set your mind to is possible and it is after he leaves that Mercury returns with a chance to do just that. For while Mars will spend the whole of December in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart his departure in the early days of the New Year will leave it empty until later next year.

Fortunately, both sides of the fence will benefit from the right balance between work and play, for this is key to maintaining your productivity and creativity. This will also benefit your relationships, where there is a mix of the ordinary and the extraordinary this month. The ordinary is that Saturn and Pluto will have the focus on your relationships from the get go, as they have for years now while starting the month with Venus, the planet of love here means that this is where your heart is. However, the extraordinary arrives with Jupiter, who by 3rd December will be in the early hours of what is destined to be your luckiest and most important relationship year in over a decade.

For you, because the Sun will always begin a month long visit to your relationship sector just before Christmas, the solar spotlight is always on your relationships at the end and the early weeks of each year. For the third year in a row, you will also end the year with Saturn in your relationship sector, which may have presented challenges as he made it impossible to sweep anything under the carpet. However, this year there is another planet that will end the year here, a planet that changes everything. To begin with it is business as usual on the relationship front, except for the fact that Venus, the planet of love returned late last month.

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December begins with four planets in your relationship sector and when one of those planets is Venus, then the month begins with a lot of focus on your relationships. However, even this is just preparation for what comes next, as everything else over recent years has been.

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Cancer decan 1 is ruled by Venus and the Moon Cancer triplicity. This star is said to be common in the charts of broadcasters, and there is definitely a media influence here. These people are extremely opinionated and have to have their say. Try to gag them and watch out for a rabid fit. Disagree with them if you want to see them roll the whites of their eyes.

This is how Cancer decan 1 wins arguments. Certain breeds of dogs can be ruthless and violent in the pursuit of their target but amusingly whimper like babies when their master clicks their finger. And so it is with these subjects. To the outside world, they appear wild, untameable, free-spirited jokers.

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They come across as uncompromising activists, brave, fearless and sometimes barking-mad. Cancer decan 1 make formidable, outspoken fighters for the underdog and are relentless chasers of the truth. Cancer decan 1 show a fascination with magic and the moonlit sky at night. Just when you think you know the people of the crab, they turn into something else, this gives them a fascinating, elusive quality.

The tarot card associated with this decan is the 2 of Cups.

This card is very obviously a positive card and associated with relationships. The deeply emotional, intimate and loving side of Cancer plays out really strongly with this card.

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When these folk settle down into a healthy union;. The maturity that exists between this couple allows both partners to maintain their own independence, friends, hobbies etc outside the relationship without jealousy or possessiveness setting in.

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Also, you are done with being the giver in relationships and never receiving anything back. Libra, when you are upset or confused about something, you always go to your best friends or favorite family members for advice. But the Tarot is advising you to think things out on your own this week.

Because sometimes the best decisions come to us only when we are steeped in limbo and would do anything to get out of it, regardless of what we might fear. Don't let anyone guilt you into bringing down your walls, Scorpio. Not when you are so hurt and wounded. That would be like exposing a burn to the environment and inviting microorganisms to come to fester it.

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Keep the walls high and strong until you are strong and healthy again on the inside. Then it would be a good idea to bring them down and reengage with the world. You have felt trapped in a situation that's not of your making, Sagittarius. For a long time now. But this week the bindings are going to come off. Either because you will learn something crucial that will set you free at last, or because you will be so fed up with the lack of movement in this situation that you will burn down the bindings in a fit of rage and walk away once and for all.

Fancy the VIP treatment? Jupiter in Capricorn delivers the goods!

Victory is in the cards, Capricorn. Victory and celebration.

So whatever conflicts are going on in your love life right now, stay strong and keep pushing through. You will emerge victorious in the end.

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There's no doubt about it. Your life will be quite chaotic this week, Aquarius. You will feel stuck juggling your feelings for two romantic interests. Both of whom you will want to commit to. Well, we are nobody to judge your situation without knowing the nitty-gritty, but the card says that if you keep looking back at someone, then perhaps it's a sign that the person you really want in your life is the one you tried to leave behind in the past.