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Whether you're a passionate Scorpio, a loyal Leo, or an empathetic Pisces 9. Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) Number of billionaires:

The inspired outcome that springs from such wholehearted dedication can never be duplicated by a machine. Whether it's a missed phone call, a late bill or a clutter pile that's been in the corner since , this is your week to plug up those little energetic leaks in your psyche.

Remember, small leaks sink big ships! Besides, getting organized is actually fun! This weekend you exercise your capacity to love unconditionally. We're at the beginning of a special contest to gain new subscribers to the OrganizingLA Blog, through Feedblitz.

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A novel about a woman who enters a path of self-discovery after she secures a winning bid on a storage unit? Author Gayle Brandeis new book is out this month:. It is an inward journey with outward surprises.

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  8. OrganizingLA Blog. McMillan, an organizing industry veteran of 23 years, and owner of McMillan and Company Professional Organizing , says some great stuff in the piece: "McMillan We'll, last Sunday's LA Times takes a step further, and tells us that it's the perfect time to tackle new projects, not just for Scorpios, but for everyone: "The Capricorn sun and Virgo moon usher in a productive workweek. Horoscope courtesy Holiday Mathis.

    Horoscope: Dec. 20 - Los Angeles Times

    Author Gayle Brandeis new book is out this month: "Brandeis writes about a woman who's unique and everyday treasures are bought from the auctions of forgotten and abandoned storage units. We see it everyday. Join this Dialogue Lunch on building learning activities for digital skills. You will leave the discussion with ideas for how to build grassroots learning activities. Our federal administration has put many policies in place that have impacted government funding as well as individual and foundation giving to museums.

    Does this moment in time present an opportunity for museums to better connect with corporate partners? Small Museums, Big Challenges. Small museums can feel like islands apart from the museum community. This Dialogue Lunch offers the chance to meet and network with your small museum cohort. Join a group of small museum colleagues as we work through your big challenges unique to small museums.

    6 Preachy Zodiac Signs Who Ram Their Ideas Down Your Throat

    In order to survive and thrive in times of change, museums need to be adaptable, creative, and confident. Join in this Dialogue Lunch as we explore how museums can prepare for the future. Dive into topics such as: How will the public expectations of museums change? How will technology change the museum experience? What skills will future museum workers need?

    Why did the U. How do our personal biases change the programming of a robot? Sign in to Register.

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    The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on January 4, · Page 68

    Emergency Resources. Case Studies. Past Years. Business Partners. Subscribe to CAM eNews. Thinking isn't involved here. In fact, if you think too much, you'll never act. Knowing how things work technically will help you understand how they work psychologically and sociologically, although this hypothesis may not work in reverse. Technical skill will be important to obtain. You'll take on the challenge of making people happy in an objective, professional and scientific way this year because the endeavor brings value to your life. You realize that your personal worth is in no way connected to their smiles, and that's what makes it fun.

    A handsome payout comes in June. Gemini and Virgo adore you.

    Ready Los Angeles!! “Planting Your New Seeds To Manifest Your Dreams” 10/10/18 Daily Tarot Reading

    Your lucky numbers are: 7, 4, 44, 38 and She said that was probably why I'm having a lot of emotional problems connecting with my boyfriend, who is a Gemini. Do you think that my moon could have something to do with it? The moon represents your emotional life and secret aspirations. The danger of having your moon in Pisces is you often have really deep feelings that you keep very hidden especially when they're of a romantic nature. To top it all off, you often take away impressions of events that are not actually accurate, and the void you feel between the two of you is not actually there.

    You and your Gemini man are having problems because he doesn't know that you truly desire to be with him exclusively. His moon in Capricorn makes him emotionally complex and not just a little afraid of being abandoned. Once he feels comfortable and committed in the relationship, he will prove to be endlessly loyal and loving. Shout it from the rooftops! Make a banner! Tell him you love him in any way you can! Once you do, yours will be a very happy union.